The Importance of a Baby Bottle Sterilizer

The Importance of a Baby Bottle Sterilizer

Whenever you buy a baby bottle for your baby or toddler you will find instructions telling you to sterilize the bottle. Usually instructions will tell you to drop the bottle and adjoining pieces into a pot of boiling water. This method may have been the most effective way before the advent of a baby bottle sterilizer, which has now provided an alternative.

There are a number of baby bottle sterilizer models on the market to choose from. Microwave compartments, microwavable bags and electric steamers are just a few. The microwave sterilizer container is simply a container that is microwave safe.

Water is added to the container, you then place the bottle inside of this container and microwave away. Make sure to read instructions on the bottle carton and complete according to the directions on the package. This is safe, convenient and easy to use. A disadvantage is its size. It may not fit into all microwave ovens.

An alternative to the microwave container method is the microwavable bag. This is a bag that you put the bottle in and straight into the microwave. It is also probably the cheapest way in terms of paid bottle sterilizing methods. You can use each several times before discarding it.

An electronic baby bottle sterilizer is a little more complex. It is a separate container that heats electronically in order to disinfect the bottles. Adjoining pieces of the bottle, like the nipple and ring can also be included. You may have a problem with the size of the bottle and the size of the baby bottle sterilizer, i.e., bottle not fitting. That can easily be avoided and is not a major issue.

The most simple way and effective way of sterilizing baby bottles is the microwave container. This is reliable and you do not have to worry about any parts malfunctioning as with the electric baby bottle sterilizer. Sometimes it is hard to pay a lot for just a plastic container, but for new parents it may be worth the investment.

The electronic sterilizing method is good for use in the home. As long as there is an electric outlet you can plug it right in. This means you can put it anywhere in your home, including your bedroom for convenience. With some electric sterilizers you can also use it to sanitize other toys your child gets into their mouth, like chew toys or pacifiers.

If you are traveling, the microwave bag may be the option for you. It is easy to pack and carry. As long as you have access to a microwave you will be able to sterilize your baby’s bottles, and accessories.

Before purchasing a baby bottle sterilizer it will save you headaches if you make sure that it will fit the bottles you already have. It is also convenient to think about how your bottles will get bigger as your baby grows as well. Although sanitizers disinfect the bottles, make sure you wash the bottles after they have gone through this process. The usual recommendation for washing bottles is warm water and soap.

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