The Perfect Gift: Personalized Baby Blankets

The Perfect Gift: Personalized Baby Blankets

Personalized baby blankets are the hottest item in baby presents! They are the perfect present because each one is so unique. Parents are so thrilled when they receive them as gifts. Parents are even trying to ensure that they get one or multiple personalized baby blankets by registering with multiple stores! That should give you an indication of how high they are on the baby gifting hierarchy.

Personalization is such a nice gesture when selecting a present. Parents are usually so happy and stunned when they open it and see their baby boy’s or baby girl’s name on it! Any other added details are just icing on the cake! It adds a nice effect to the personalized baby blanket. Many know their blanket as “blankee” out of affection. As they are handed down, anyone will always know whom the blankee originally belonged to because of the personalization. There is never a wrong turn with a personalized baby blanket.

Personalization shows that the giver put a lot of thought into the gift. This is not an item you just suddenly picked up. Parents turn these particular blankets into family heirlooms. They last long past when the child has become an adult. Personalized baby blankets can be ordered in various shapes, sizes, colors, and types. You can choose your lettering style and whether you add the baby’s name on the blanket only or include the arrival date and time.

The size of the blanket that you choose will determine how much you are able to personalize it. Some are quite small and do not have room for more than roughly twelve characters. There are other sizes that are large enough to allow for thirty characters and up. A little research will give you some insight into just what the personalized baby blanket should look like that you order. Double check the spelling of the baby’s name and verify the birth date before you add it to the personalized baby blanket.

It is truly important that you know what fabric that the personalized baby blanket is made of. Not all fabrics will be suitable for a baby’s skin so you will need to know this information. Whether via online or store, ensure that you have checked the materials list. There is an abundant selection that may floor you. As far as fabrics, cotton is top of the list but there are special blankets done in crochet styles and knits.  Before you purchase any baby item, check with the parents for any known allergies. You want your personalized baby blanket to be treasured for years to come.

Maybe you still have not made up your mind about personalized baby blankets. Whichever way you decide to go as far as gifts, put in your research. Babies are quite fragile and you must make every effort to know that you are giving a safe product. Go online and search for product recalls. This will give you the confidence that you are giving a beautiful personalized baby blanket that is also safe and can be treasured for generations to come.


  1. Where can I purchase this baby blanket pictured in this article?

  2. my best friend is having a baby girl 11th may i wanted to get a personalized blanket with the name phoebe on it

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