Top 3 Considerations for a Diaper Bag

Top 3 Considerations for a Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is one of the most essential baby items you’ll need in your parenting arsenal. Not only does it carry diapers for use on the road, but it also provides storage for bottles, snacks, toys, extra clothes and your own personal belongings.

There are many different baby diaper bags for purchase out there. And you may be overwhelmed by the myriad of choices for a parent. This article will help give you some basic things to look for, so you can choose the baby bag that’s right for you.

If you’re in the market for a diaper bag, you’ll want to consider these 3 things before making your purchase: functionality, category and style.


When it comes to functionality, there are a number of features to think about. One of the first things is pockets. You’ll want enough space for diapers, wipes and a changing pad, although some bags come with a pad, so keep an eye out for that if you’d rather not pack your own. Some people prefer to include their own smaller pad that can be folded easily for compactness.

You’ll also want to consider pockets for other items like toys, clothes, snacks, and bottles. A great feature of some diaper bags is a thermo-insulated pocket for hot and cold bottles. If you’re planning on using a changing bag in place of carrying a purse or wallet, make sure there’s a pocket for keeping items like keys, cell phones, and money safe inside the bag.

Another consideration in functionality is the fastener. Although a little more cumbersome, a zipper is the best option for making sure nothing falls out. Flaps can be a disaster if the bag is flipped over; a regular occurrence with the busy, on-the-go parent. Velcro can snag on clothes and magnets can get pricey.

Finally, you’ll want to consider whether you want a diaper bag that is waterproof and washable – good for cleaning up spills – and has an antibacterial lining.


There are a few different categories of baby diaper bags, including stroller, messenger, backpack, handbag and shoulder bag. A stroller diaper bag is designed with a long strap for hanging on a stroller. A messenger diaper bag has a fold-over flap making it easier for parents to get into. A diaper bag backpack can reduce back pain and free your arms and hands up for taking care of other business. Backpack diaper bags are becoming a lot more popular for busy parents. Shoulder bags and handbags can also make a good option for casual outings. If you’re using a shoulder diaper bag, it’s best to find one with a wide, non-slip strap.


There are many different styles of baby diaper bags to choose from. Designer diaper bags are more expensive, but usually are made of high quality, durable material, and come with warranties. Some popular designer diaper bags include Storksak designer bags (used by celebrity mom Angelina Jolie), OiOi diaper bags for active parents, functional and attractive Reese Li bags, Mia Bossi luxury diaper bags, the stylish Coach diaper bag, and Timi and Leslie.

Other popular trends include personalized diaper bags and green diaper bags. Embroider your name or initials on a customizable diaper bag or pick a pattern of your choice. Personalized diaper bags also makes a great gift for other parents. Green changing bags are made with recycled materials and by companies who uphold environmentally-friendly practices. There are also masculine colors and designs for dads. However, if you’re looking for a diaper bag to suit both parents, consider going for a neutral style.

An ideal diaper bag has more than one section, large pockets, space for bottles and other feeding related items, a waterproof pocket for wet items, ample diaper and clothing storage, and can be secured properly. Many parents opt to have multiple diaper bags: a bigger one for longer trips and a smaller one for easier transportation day-to-day. If you end up with more than one diaper bag, make sure that both bags contain everything you need, so you’re not caught away from home without your essentials.

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