Using Baby Cloth Diapers for Your Child

Using Baby Cloth Diapers for Your Child

The term baby cloth diapers have got completely eliminated in the past few years. The recent batch of new parents are more inclined towards the disposable diapers rather than the cotton diapers. However, quite a few are shifting back to cloth diapers again.

The reason for this shifting can be many. So here we will be discussing some of the advantages as well as disadvantages of these baby cloth diapers. Firstly they are much better than the disposable diapers for the skin of the baby. The skin of the baby is very sensitive and soft. These plastic disposable diapers, on the other hand, are very rough. So it creates skin irritation and allergy for the baby, if he or she is wearing it for a long duration.

But the baby cloth diapers are very soft and good for the skin of the baby. Thus, if you use these cotton diapers you and your baby can completely relax and there will not be any skin allergy at all.

Moreover these diapers are very environmental friendly. Generally the disposable diaper takes years for disposing. These disposable diapers are very harmful for our environment as well as our planet. So if you want to save our planet then stop using the disposable diapers and must shift to cotton diapers.

Moreover they are cheap and economical. So if you are a price sensitive person, and if you do not want to waste too much money on these disposable diapers then switch to cotton diapers.

These new cloth diapers are more advanced than the previous ones. Previously you had to fold the cotton diapers in a particular way but now you do not have to fold them. They comes in different shapes so that it fits your baby easily.

Moreover these cotton newly improved diapers are very easy to carry. Now you can even carry them in your pocket too. They even have got Velcro straps just like the disposable diapers.

But among all these advantages of baby cloth diapers, there are certain disadvantages for they are still not so popular among the masses. This is because these need to be changed very frequently. In case of these disposable diapers you do not need to change so much, as it lasts really long.

When you are going out with your baby you might face a situation of embarrassment if your baby is not wearing disposable diapers. Baby cloth diapers need to be changed frequently. If you do not change them, the bad odor can really put you into a tricky spot. So for this, disposable ones are the best options as they do not let the odor leak out so easily.

Moreover these disposable ones are very handy and easy to use compared to cotton ones. All these factors make the disposable diapers quite popular. But still if you want to give your baby real comfort, then get him or her the cloth diapers. They do not cause as much irritation as disposable ones do, chances of nappy rash are also lowered.

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