Designing a Vintage Baby Nursery

Designing a Vintage Baby Nursery

The elegant and romantic notion that vintage baby wear stands for is still apparent even in modern baby shops. The classic charm of a vintage nursery can be achieved with a little creativity and aesthetic flair. You will find a lot of vintage baby nursery bedding readily available, with plenty of frills, pastel colors and a classic Victorian look. A retro look is also possible with more bright and cheery colors.

You may wish to search for vintage baby furniture, either vintage styled or actual antiques. If you like actual antiques in your home check that they are safe for baby to be around. It is not, for example, advisable to use antique or old cribs as they do not conform to modern safety standards. Instead try to find something new that fits in with the style of your nursery.

Your vintage baby decor should match the rest of the baby room. If you have a color theme try to match or include vintage images and decoration. You could use your favorite childhood characters as inspiration for a retro baby room or include some vintage baby photos of you or your parents. You could even print photos of baby in black and white or sepia and place them in a vintage frame.

Vintage baby clothes can compliment the vintage or retro look in your nursery. It has become more and more popular for parents to share the joys of their childhood with their children and vintage printed clothing is easy to obtain. Look for your favorite book, television or game characters or recall how you were dressed when you were young! Victorian style clothing is also common for newborn babies often displaying frilly dresses for girls and smart trouser suits for boys. With a little imagination your baby will feel right at home in his or her vintage nursery.

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