What Are the Benefits of a Mountain Buggy Urban Double?

For those who have never heard of the Mountain Buggy Urban, well, it refers to a type of baby stroller.

mountain buggy urban doubleIn the case of a Mountain Buggy Urban Double, you can use it to bring your twins or your babies for a walk anywhere. This type of stroller is somewhat expensive compared to others. However, it is worth the price.

Mountain Buggy Urban is produced by an ISO9002 certified company, which is based in New Zealand. This pram can be easily maneuvered using only hand. You can push it through a standard doorway easily enough in spite of it being a double pram.

If you want to go jogging or simply go walking or shopping, take your babies along with you in the Mountain Buggy Urban Double. Apart from having easy maneuverability on a pavement, you can also use this versatile piece of stroller off the pavements. So, what is the best feature of this pram?

You can customize it according to the way you want. If you buy any of the optional accessories, you can convert the Mountain Buggy Urban to a carrycot of your liking and taste. You have the options to convert it into a twin bassinette, a single or doublewide carrycot. The choice is yours.

Instead of separating your twins in individual compartments, you can also convert it into one large compartment and put both your babies and twins into it. There would be comfort for everyone. Alternatively, you can also use this pram for just one baby.

It does not matter. Your baby would have ample space to move around. In addition, you might be able to keep some baby stuff in the extra space if you wanted to. Of course, there is a single large basket below the seats of the Mountain Buggy Urban Double to put any extra stuff.

The basket has six pockets, two bottle holders and a pouch that can be zipped.

This stroller is advantageous when it comes to country walks where the terrains are much rougher than towns. Therefore, if you live in a rural area, it might be a good idea to consider buying this pram.

You can use it as a jogging stroller or simply as a normal double pram. Another great feature about the Mountain Buggy Urban Double is that it can withstand up to 120 pounds. Therefore, you might be able to use this pram to carry your babies around for a couple of years, right up to four years of age.

On the downside, some women might find this pram to be sort of heavy and bulky. They might find it difficult to carry it and put it into the car. In such a case, you might have to get some assistance from others.

For colors, there are many options. There are lovely colors like moss green, double sand and double chocolate. This pram also comes with an adjustable handle of sixteen positions. You can adjust it up to a maximum height of 110cm.

Although the Mountain Buggy Urban Double is on the expensive side compared to other similar strollers, it is worth the price in terms of quality and features. So, check it out for yourself. You may fall in love with it.

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