What is a Pram Stroller?

What is a Pram Stroller?

You are searching for just the right stroller for you and your baby. A friend mentioned a pram stroller. Not sure exactly what a baby pram is? The pram stroller resembles a bassinet except it has very tall wheels that are large in size. It is also known as a baby carriage. It is made so that the baby is facing you as you walk. It has a canopy to protect the baby from the sun as you stroll. These strollers do not offer the modern day versatility of other types, but some consider the pram stroller to be very elegant.

Some parents like the pram stroller but traditional prams are for infants only because the baby must lie flat. In addition, this means that the parent has to buy new transport in a few months as the baby outgrows the traditional carriage. Fortunately, there are modern prams that are convertible. Once the child gets too large to lie flat, you can switch it to an upright stroller.

The original pram stroller was created in the 1700s. A garden architect by the name of William Kent created a basket shaped like a shell and put wheels on it so children would be able to sit and ride in it. The carriage needed to be pulled by a goat or other small animal. Back then, these were like creations of art. Mainly the materials used were wicker or wood and had brass joints, which were quite expensive then. It was not unheard of for models to have names of royalty. Pram models had names such as Duchess, Princess, Windsor, and Balmoral. Queen Victoria even purchased a few during the 1800s.

Long since then, manufacturers have introduced features that make for a smoother ride for the baby. They are also more user friendly for the person pushing the carriage. They are built with more safety standards and have additional accessories such as diaper bags that can attach. Prams generally have big canopy tops and curtains that give extra shielding from the sun. Most modern prams fold making it easier to transport than the traditional prams. Recently celebrity moms, like Sarah Jessica Parker, have been seen pushing their babies in and around Hollywood in prams. It seems to be fashionable.

The pram stroller usually works well for the city or suburban lifestyle because of the more even sidewalks. Mothers can easily go for a stroll in the park or other area with ease. They may not be the best option if your terrain is a more rural setting with less pavement and level sidewalks. Their lack of maneuverability does not typically work in that type of setting. A pram stroller can have a price tag of $200 to well over $1,000. This makes it an elegant addition to a family’s baby setting. Mothers like the fact that they can watch their baby while they walk or if they stop and park. That is the pram stroller’s best feature.

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