What to Put in Your Baby Bag

What to Put in Your Baby Bag

If you are a new mother, you will need to know what to put in your baby bag.

It will boil right down to a matter of common sense, really. You will need to visualize where you are going and what you could possibly need for your child while you are there. Depending on how old your child is will determine just how much food, milk and juice he will need for consumption during the day. It will also depend on how long you will be away from your home and the other necessities for the baby.

If you will be gone just a matter of a couple of hours, and it will be around feeding time while you are waiting in line at the DMV or shopping at the supermarket, you will want to bring a meal for your child in the baby bag. Your child will also need something to drink, or maybe he will be sucking on the bottle for a while, and then he will want his pacifier. Just think of how long you will need to keep him occupied.

And while we are on the subject of occupying the time of your child, you should consider bringing a favorite toy, or maybe two of them in your baby bag. This way, if the child gets a bit cranky, you can tempt his imagination with a favorite item that will keep him busy. You might want to bring along a stuffed animal toy for him to cuddle with, as he becomes sleepy. Or if you think he will be wide awake and looking for something to play with, it can be an action figure or doll. If your child is teething, you should also keep this in mind, as he will want something to chew on. A rubberized toy would be perfect to bring with you for this situation.

So now you have meals and toys. What about diapers in your baby bag? And the cleaning wipes to go along with that need to be brought along, too. You will also need powder and lotion. If you have the time to put these items in smaller lighter containers than that in which they came, you will have less of a heavy carrying burden on yourself. This way you can bring everything you need, but it should be relatively lightweight for your own comfort.

When planning on what to bring along, you should also always consider the emergency scenario. What if you forgot something important? You will need some money with you, extra cash if you can, or perhaps a credit card, to be able to pick that item up at a nearby store, if badly needed. And, although one never wants to think of their car breaking down, what if it does? You should have extra food and liquids for the consumption of your child, if by chance you are stranded at the mechanic shop for a longer time than anticipated.

Weather may also be a factor. You should be sure to cover your infant, but what if rain or snow wets him to the point that his blanket or covering needs to be changed out. In this case, you will want to carry an extra in your baby bag for this situation.

The reality is that it will always be better if you carry more food, milk, water, and other supplies and medications for your little one, rather than less. It is better to have too much in your baby bag, rather than too little.

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