What to Write in a Baby Shower Card

A lot of people are at a loss for words when it comes to writing something meaningful in a card. “Congratulations,” “Happy Birthday,” and “Merry Christmas” are as far as most people go when it comes down to actually including a handwritten note in a card.  In fact, the practice of putting pen to paper, for any occasion, has become a very rare thing. So why is that? I suppose that sending an electronic communication, like an email or a text message is just easier, faster and cheaper. But that does not necessarily make it better. Buying a card and writing a note takes time, thought and a little creativity. Maybe that is why some people don’t like doing it. However, there are a couple of acceptations where a handwritten note is appropriate and even necessary, and a baby shower should be one of them. This is the time for people to share their joy with the parents-to-be and, better yet, a chance to pass along some much appreciated baby shower card messages and encouragement.

Finding the Perfect Card

Buying a baby shower card, some say, is the easy part. After you spend all of your time and energy finding the perfect baby shower gift, you just grab any old card and head to the checkout counter. But is any old card ok? Does the card even matter? The answer to that is, unfortunately, yes. Think about this, a lot of parents keep the cards in an album, a scrap book or a keep sake box and some even eventually give that album, scrapbook or box to the child at some point in their life. And most importantly, people still enjoy the nostalgic value of cards. They enjoy looking back on certain occasions and remembering the events and the people who were there. So when you are looking for a card, take a few minutes to look at several cards and find one that speaks to the occasion and conveys your feelings. There are also several online printable options now if you aren’t able to find that perfect card. Customizing your own card can be a fun way to incorporate a baby shower theme or color scheme and make your card stand out.

What to Say and How to Say it

Finding the right words to put in your card can be the complicated part. But it does not have to be. Think about how well you know the expectant parents and what you really want to say to them first. Also, here are some guidelines and suggestions that will make deciding what to write in your card a little easier. Composing the right baby shower card messages takes a little time and consideration.

Be positive – put yourself in the expectant mom’s place.  She is no doubt excited, so be excited. Say something like, “Wishing you and your little bundle of joy the best” or “We are looking forward to meeting your new arrival!” Use phrases that convey excitement and anticipation of the new arrival.

Be encouraging – give the new mom and dad some encouragement in this exciting, but new experience. Try something like, “I know the two of you will be wonderful parents” or “Wishing you the joy that goes along with this wonderful new experience.” Look for phrases that express the wondrous possibilities that lie ahead for the future.

Offer some advice – pass along some positive, helpful words of wisdom. Say something like, “Enjoy this new journey and all the fun that comes with it” or “Best wishes on the most magical adventure you will ever take together.” Again, look for phrases that are positive and helpful.

Add some humor – but not too much. Try something like, “All the books and articles you have read cannot prepare you for what lies ahead.” Try to avoid going over the line, and that line really depends on how well you know the parents-to-be. Also avoid negative or raunchy jokes or sayings; those are never appropriate at a baby shower.  Baby Showers represent a happy occasion and having a sense of humor is necessary as a parent.

Avoid the obvious – labor is no picnic and they already know that, so keep things positive. There are nicer things to tell expectant parents than “Prepare to change a ton of diapers,” or “Say goodbye to sleep for the next 2 years.”  Try telling them that, “Your baby does not know how lucky he/she is to have parents like you” or “Congratulations on the best adventure of your life.”  Wishing the mom luck with the delivery is ok and so is hoping for a healthy baby, but there is no need to talk about stretch marks or the process of losing weight after having a baby.

Be personal – mention the parents-to-be by name and maybe even the baby’s name, if you know it. You could try something like, “Mike & Kate, we are so happy for you! Congratulations on your growing family” or “Little Ryan, we can’t wait for you to enter this world so we can spoil you.” Adding a personal touch emphasizes that you took the time to write a special note to them and to the baby.

Look for a poem – still not exactly sure what to say? If you can’t think of anything else, look for a cute baby inspired poem. There are so many places online where you can find a short baby inspired poem or a cute baby-related quote to write in your card. Handwriting a cute quote or poem in your card is acceptable still will make your card stand out.

Once you have the perfect card and have decided on the right wording or poem, practice writing it out and make sure that you have nothing misspelled or grammatically incorrect. And above all else, resist the urge to type it out. Handwriting a note in the card is special and it is appropriate for this occasion. The presentation is almost as important as what to write in a baby shower card. Besides, it’s hard to put a text message or an email into a scrapbook.

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