Designing a Winnie the Pooh Nursery

Designing a Winnie the Pooh Nursery

A Winnie the Pooh nursery should be planned to the last detail to create the best experience for your child. You will most likely want to share your favorite childhood characters with your baby and Winnie the Pooh is an excellent place to start. With the range of color themes and neutral characters it is a very popular choice.

Winnie the Pooh nursery ideas can be found in many places and you should take the time to look and note ideas that appeal to you. Looking at Winnie the Pooh nursery pictures will help you to see what color themes are being used and don’t be afraid to take aspects of each one to create your own baby room. You should first decide whether you want a modern or classic Winnie the Pooh nursery as the styles can be quite different.

Your next step should be to decide whether you want to paint your nursery walls. Plain and neutral colored walls can work well if you have a lot of busy decor in your nursery and it can prevent clashing with other aspects of the design. Stencils and murals work particularly well or if your painting skills leave something to be desired, Winnie the Pooh wall stickers are widely available. If you do not wish to leave your walls neutral you could paint the whole room in a mural with trees on the walls and clouds in the sky.

Winnie the Pooh baby nursery bedding is something that should be considered as a center point for your decoration so shop around until you find something that fits the theme you have in mind. It will probably be the part that stands out most so try to fit your theme around it.

Winnie the Pooh baby decorations come in all shapes and sizes. Many can be bought or you could even make some yourself. Bee and honey pot mobiles and window stickers can all add to the magic of your nursery. Plan the details carefully to make sure that everything matches and you will soon have the perfect Winnie the Pooh nursery!

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